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Villiläntie 1
29250 Nakkila, Finland
Tel. +358 500 635163
Mobile +358 40 776 0351

Villiläntie 1, 29250 Nakkila, Finland. Tel +358 500 635163, Mobile +358 40 776 0351

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Villilä Pro is a project financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). It aims to expand the quantity and quality of audio-visual productions in the area. The quantitative increase is planned to be achieved through investment in production know-how by raising it to an increasingly professional level.

The increase in quality will take place not only through increase in quantity, but more specifically by focusing on the development of content, beginning from scriptwriting skills. The aim is to obtain uninterrupted production so that the region always has various audio-visual productions in various stages. Achieving steady growth means employment for professionals, an increase in service consumption, an increase in students' knowledge and culminates in presentation-ready works. Movies and TV program production along with related activities also bring about significant positive publicity.